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Deleted: Whats going on Yall Jan 5, 2023 3:29:17 GMT
CHRIS: Hey back after a short break! Jan 6, 2023 19:08:48 GMT
Deleted: I’m here to stay! Excited for the event Jan 15, 2023 1:08:25 GMT
Samwel Igwe: Awesome! Glad to hear it! :D Jan 15, 2023 2:07:20 GMT
Samwel Igwe: Also don’t worry your post is fine! Simba has most of the plan before everything gets crazy so it’s mostly some fun before we get to the big stuff anyway. Jan 15, 2023 2:17:52 GMT
Werifesteria Guest: Hi! I wanted to let you guys know that your affiliate page is restricted. I can't access it to offer an affiliate request for my site. :) I look forward to affiliating in the future if this is fixed though! Jan 16, 2023 22:33:00 GMT
CHRIS: That's weird, it wasn't on that before. But it's fixed now. Jan 17, 2023 0:41:24 GMT
Werifesteria Guest:: Ugh I hate when that happens! There are times that I just go "how did I break that??" with my own site. Speaking of, I put in a request, thanks for fixing it! Jan 17, 2023 1:23:43 GMT
Chris: No problem! Headed to bed but will add in the morning! Jan 17, 2023 6:50:38 GMT
D9074: Hello Jan 22, 2023 11:35:53 GMT
CHRIS: Hi there! Sorry we missed you! Jan 23, 2023 20:48:46 GMT
Deleted: Good Morning! Jan 24, 2023 13:25:39 GMT
CHRIS: Welcome @robertbaker! Jan 27, 2023 14:34:02 GMT *
CHRIS: welcome to all guests! Apr 11, 2023 5:19:37 GMT
CHRIS: Welcome guests! May 9, 2023 0:04:33 GMT
CHRIS: welcome to all guests! Feel free to let me know if you have questions! Jun 6, 2023 3:14:44 GMT
CHRIS: Welcome to all guests! Let me know if I can answer any questions’ Jul 7, 2023 18:16:14 GMT
CHRIS: Welcome ! Sorry overdue just had a long few days. Jul 30, 2023 5:18:14 GMT
CHRIS: Hello everyone! Despite the quiet I promise we are still alive! Oct 2, 2023 8:31:39 GMT
Prissy: Hiya Nov 10, 2023 23:20:03 GMT
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